about us

Welcome to Lightspeed Hobbies and its presentation of the world of imagination and creativity for all ages. A desire to provide the games and comics Portage, IN and neighboring parts of Northwest Indiana were looking for inspired the creation of this business. The store features a safe play environment as well as neat, orderly areas to participate in games.

We are proud to carry the best from DC, Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, and Image. Lightspeed Hobbies also has a selection of comics from additional independent publishers.

We love everything about the various comics and games that are out there and we have your back by covering your needs. The range of collecting supplies for your comics and cards are organized so you can quickly find just the right card case, desk box, and desk protector. Boxes, bags, and boards make ideal gifts for collectors among your circle of family and friends.

Lightspeed Hobbies is here to help you get the items you need to complete a set or enhance a game. If it is in production, we’ll get it for you!

Do you like to compete? You’ll find more than comics Portage, IN likes to read attracting attention at Lightspeed Hobbies. Join in on one of the tournaments we host or plan to attend a special event sometime this year. Print out a copy of the events calendar and make a note to register for one or more of the intriguing, informative activities.

Think of us as a mountain retreat set up for your pleasure and fun. Locals and visitors are invited to drop by and see what we have to catch their fancy. It could be Pokemon TCG, Dungeons & Dragons, or the latest Marvel comics Portage, IN has been waiting to read!

Michael Hansen
Owner/President of Lightspeed Hobbies, Inc.

I’ve been in the comics & games business for over 10 years now. I have been a fan of comics and most games for a long time now. My first love was comic books. I read every chance I get. My first experience with comics was going to the drugstore down the street from my house in Hammond, IN when I was 7 years old and begging my mom to let me buy a couple of books to read. After that I was hooked. Superheroes became my addiction… I still enjoy their exploits. From Batman & Superman to the X-men and the New Avengers, I read them and I get excited like I did when I was a child. I’m also a big fan of games… I was always a big fan of board games and role-playing games. My favorite games are miniature war games like Warmachine and Confrontation. I had been a big Battletech player way back when and I loved the thought of massive robots beating the hell out of each other for domination of the battlefield.

I started out workng in this business working at comic book shows for a guy named Dave Alexander. He showed me how to talk to people and how to make sales, as well as deliver top-notch customer service. He was the most influential throughout my early days in this business. After a couple years of working shows, Dave had partnered up with a couple of other investors and opened a store in Crown Point, IN called City of Atlantis. This was my dream job :)

I worked like hell to make this store the best it could be. I would go in on my off hours from my regular job and help make fixtures, shelves and paint and whatever else needed to be done before the store had its grand opening. I was so damn excited! I couldn’t believe that I would finally get to work in store with all the cool stuff I would like to read or play at any given time. As time went by, the store wasn’t doing very well and all the employees were let go to save money. City of Atlantis had eventually closed, but Dave did me a big favor. He got me a job with one of his partners at the time…Greg Karras (AKA Galactic Greg’s). It was there that I really immersed myself in the business and learned everything I could and earned my way into the manager’s position. I handled most event planning and ordering of game product. I also handled most of the public relations and customer service questions and orders that popped up from time to time. I stayed in that position until late December 2005.

It was time for me to find my own way. I needed to go out on my own. I needed to do something with my life and this was the right time. My impending marriage and a necessity to get out of a dead end job spurred me on to take a chance and go out on my own. So…Here we are, a little older, a little wiser and we’ve made new friends, lost some old ones, put some of the past behind us and now we look forward to new challenges and keep moving ahead.