Sci-fi Fantasy Miniatures

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Miniatures 

fantasy miniatures

Most miniatures require assembly, while all are unpainted metal ready to be painted for action. Wargamers, Sci-fi roleplayers, and fans of painting miniatures in their own fashion enjoy buying Reaper miniatures due to the figures being inexpensive.

As Northwest Indiana’s source for miniatures and miniature war games, Lightspeed has access to miniatures from other manufacturers like Cool Mini or Not, Wyrd, Reaper, Black Scorpion, Rebel, Victrix, Kings of War and much more!. If there is nowhere to play at home, talk to the staff about setting up a game on one of the tables.

There’s an impressive array of quality paint to make the small forms unique or to recommended colors. Remember, if it’s not in stock, the friendly staff at Lightspeed Hobbies will be glad to order it for you.